New Partnership with UNIQ+ and Nuffield Foundation Placements to Promote Diversity

We benefit from a diverse international community of students and supervisors, and are strongly committed to equality according to gender, race, religion, and disability. Research shows that many communities and groups within our society are underrepresented amongst graduate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. This situation disadvantages the affected communities/groups, and ourselves in terms of lost potential. Our partnership with UNIQ+ and Nuffield Foundation Placements represents a step towards redressing this imbalance. UNIQ+ is a University of Oxford scheme for UK based undergraduates who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scheme is for 6 weeks, encompassing taught courses and a lab placement. Students live in Oxford Colleges and are provided with a generous stipend to offset lost vacation work opportunities. Our programme has committed to accommodate up to two UNIQ+ students each summer. The Nuffield Foundation Placements scheme aims at a younger age group, year 12 school students in STEM subjects, again selecting students from a disadvantaged background. The students participate in 4-week lab placements with bursaries provided by the Nuffield Foundation. Our first two placement students will be arriving this summer and will work in the lab of Neil Brockdorff on a project using fluorescence microscopy to investigate epigenetic modification of the inactive X chromosome.