Our Facilities

Our programme has access to outstanding facilities and resources for their research. We have led on setting up several of these facilities and continue to take a central role in maintaining them at the cutting edge. Take a look around.....


Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy (Micron)

Micron Oxford is a collaborative, multidisciplinary bioimaging unit working with biomedical researchers in the Oxford area and beyond to apply advanced cellular imaging techniques to address key questions in biology. We are located within the Department of Biochemistry and the Dunn School of Pathology in the South Parks Road science area at the University of Oxford, and are funded by a strategic award from Wellcome Trust.

Advanced Proteomics:

The facility provides access to the latest proteomics tools, specifically cutting edge mass spectrometry. The facility has experience in protein identification, quantitative mass spectrometry (SILAC, label-free, dimethyl labelling, TMT) and characterisation methods for a range of post-translational modifications. It is equipped with a wide range of mass spectrometry instruments, sample preparation technologies and data analysis software.

Next Generation sequencing

The facility harbours cutting-edge equipment from sequencing to microarrays that can be applied to cell populations and single cells.

Data analysis
gene editing
Single cell

Computational Genomics 

CGAT’s mission is to train biologists in computational genomics, in particular in NGS (next-generation sequencing) analyses. Our Fellows are trained in all aspects of computational genomics and, once proficient, they put their skills to practical use by collaborating on projects in the field. CGAT collaborates with scientists across the UK on a variety of projects in a number of areas such as immunology, lincRNA, prostate cancer, osteoarthritis and epigenetics. On leaving CGAT.

Genome Engineering

Genome Engineering Oxford is a joint venture between the Dunn School of Pathology, DPAG, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. We provide a CRISPR design and testing service for generating experimentally tested vectors and are actively involved in developing new CRISPR methods and applications.

Single Cell facility

The MRC WIMM Single Cell Facility is an ultra-clean environment for the processing and amplification of single cells and small biological samples for sequencing, and other molecular analysis.

Flow cytometry

Flow Cytometry Facility

The Flow Cytometry Facility offers state-of-the-art service to scientists from the Dunn School as well as for the external users. We offer help and advice on panel design, flow data analysis and cell sorting.

Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy (EM) Facility  provides Oxford University scientists with a broad range of light and electron microscopy options to facilitate their research.  The EM Facility has dedicated expert staff always available to advise and train its users, as well as to prepare and image specimens as a service, so that the wonderful world of EM is accessible to anyone!

Molecular Biophysics

The facility offers a range of techniques and equipment to study macromolecules and macromolecular complexes. This includes analytical centrifugation, differential scanning calorimetry, isothermal titration calorimetry and surface plasmon resonance.