CDB Affiliated Researchers

Jim Hughes - Computational Genomics

The Hughes group is expert in a wide range of the genomics methods and technologies that can address different aspects of gene regulation, such as RNA-seq methods, which show whether a gene is expressed or not and at what level; DNase-seq and ATAC-seq, which can generate maps of all of the active elements in the genome; and ChIP-seq, which can assess which types of proteins or chemical modification are found at these elements and so indicate their likely function.

Shabaz Mohammed - Advanced Proteomics

My group’s central aim is to improve proteome characterisation. To handle the ridiculous complexity of the proteome we develop separation techniques and biochemical enrichment approaches. To aid sequencing and PTM characterisation we develop mass spectrometry techniques and protein labelling strategies.

Lothar Schermelleh - Advanced Microscopy

I am to aim to understand the relationship between 3D nuclear organisation and genome activity in mammalian cells by combining genetic tools and advanced optical imaging methods.