Chromosome and Developmental biology in Oxford

The Chromosome and Developmental Biology (CDB) graduate training programme at the University of Oxford was founded by Profs Kim Nasmyth, Elizabeth Robertson and Matthew Whitby in 2007, funded by the Wellcome Trust.   The programme gathers together world leading researchers in the fields of Chromosome Biology, DNA repair, Chromatin and Gene Expression, RNA Biology and Genes and Development.

The academic excellence engendered within our programme provides an ideal setting for mentoring graduate students in hypothesis driven research. Our goal is to train students to identify and formulate important questions and to design innovative experimental approaches to test their hypotheses. We want our students to develop skills in cutting-edge experimental methods, whilst at the same time enhancing their independence, logical thinking, creativity, teamwork and leadership abilities. We provide a wide range of bespoke training, including data analysis, statistics, research ethics, and presentation skills to support the development of our students. Find out more here.


Kim Nasmyth, a founding Director, explains to students how different things were when he did his PhD!




"Our goal of academic excellence goes hand in hand with a strong commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing workplace environment"

We have several initiatives to promote a positive research culture   and to support students in developing their future careers.   Last but not least we believe that our science needs to be accessible to wider society and we strongly encourage public engagement  activities by our staff and students.